"Nantucket" by Anthony Baratta & Weekend Max Mara

These are exciting times! I’m am so happy to announce my collaboration with Weekend Max Mara on the “Nantucket” Collection! (Available in March 2019!) This has been a dream come true and couldn’t be happier to see the collection featured in Vogue Paris back in February, and more recently House Beautiful, Wallpaper Magazine and many more!

Combining these 2 worlds is such an unique and special thing and it has been a pure joy to be part of. My favorite part of my “Nantucket” collection by Weekend Max Mara is the fabric that was designed, I guess you would say, in celebration of me. They nailed it! Highboys and wicker and porcelain and roses of course. I love it!

We recently went to Milan to see the unveiling, and the response we received was nothing short of incredible! I wish you all could have felt what we felt from everyone that saw the collection. The bloggers, journalists, and editors from all over the earth that have come to visit the collection were so kind and complimentary. The young people were especially into it. I think because they’ve never seen anything quite like it before. They pose in front of the manikins and take photos and say my Nantucket is like “Alice in Wonderland.” It's a great feeling! I am over the moon! Beyond honored and so proud of this wonderful collaboration.

This is how the “Nantucket” collection was born. Erick and I putting together mood boards in the same way it’s done for one of our decorating projects-except this time we had to deal with my nervousness about what we should show to a fashion house as venerable as Weekend Max Mara. This was all translated seamlessly by designer Eric Bremner for the collection. My heartfelt thanks and admiration to both of them.

And finally, we are able to share this shoot we did with Hailey Bieber! The photos are stunning! You may recognize the set, that is my house on Long Island, The shoot was a blast to host, Hailey and the clothes look gorgeous! I'm so excited about future possibilities and future collaborations, This is just the beginning!

Thank you to Eric Bremner, Giorgio Guidotti, Erick Espinoza, Rani Doobay, and all the folks at Weekend Max Mara

“Nantucket” couldn’t be more "Me" if you tried!

Enjoy the Collection!

Shop the look by CLICKING HERE


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